Chapter 7 (Paperback BW)

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p. 199 Strategists of U.S. Industrialization

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p. 200 Strategists of U.S. Industrialization

Copley, John Singleton, (1796), John Quincy Adams, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, PD/PD-US.,_by_John_Singleton_Copley.jpg

View of the Attack on Bunker’s Hill with the Burning of Charles Town, June 17, 1775, (c. 1775-83), (1931-32) Copy of engraving by John Lodge after G.H. Millar, U.S. National Archives at College Park, MD, Public Domain.’s_Hill,_with_the_Burning_of_Charles_Town,_June_17,_1775._Copy_of_engraving_by_Lodge_after_M_-_NARA_-_532896.tif

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p. 201 Strategists of U.S. Industrialization

Neagle, John, (1825), Mathew Carey, The Library Company of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PD/PD-US.,_1825.jpg

Carey’s Douai Bible, 1790, Courtesy of The Library Company of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA.

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p. 202 Strategists of U.S. Industrialization

Inman, Henry, (c. 1834), Nicholas Biddle, Public Domain. [Note: Wikipedia attribution of this painting to William Inman.]

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p. 203 Strategists of U.S. Industrialization

Jarvis, John Wesley, (c. 1816), DeWitt Clinton, National Portrait Gallery, Washington, D.C. Public Domain.

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p. 204 Strategists of U.S. Industrialization

Sully, Thomas, Jonathan Williams, 1815, [Medium: Oil on canvas] Credit: Courtesy of the West Point Museum Collection, United States Military Academy, West Point, NY.

Jarvis, John Wesley, (1815),
Brevet Brigadier General Joseph Swift, [Medium: Oil on canvas]
Credit: Courtesy of the West Point Museum Collection, United States Military Academy, West Point, NY.

The Destruction of Tea at Boston Harbor, (1846), N. Currier (firm), New York, PD/PD-US.