Chapter 4 (Hi-res Color)

Picture Credits

p. 99 Post-Revolutionary Crisis: The Shays Rebellion

Shays Rebellion by Shockabrah is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 /Cropped

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General Sir Guy Carleton [Lord Dorchester], National Archives of Canada, (Probably 18th c.), Public Domain.,_1st_Baron_Dorchester#/media/File:General-Sir-Guy-Carleton_2.jpg

Stuart, Gilbert, (1786), Portrait of the Mohawk Chieftain Thayendanegea, known as Joseph Brant (1742–1807), Public Domain.

p. 100 Writing the United States Constitution

Peale, Charles Willson, (1783), Gouverneur Morris and Robert Morris, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia, Public Domain.

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p. 101 America’s Ally, France, Pushes for Progress

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The Tennis Court Oath, 20 June 1789, bronze relief at the “Monument to the Republic,” Place de la République, Paris by Jebulon under CC0 1.0 Public Domain License/Cropped.